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Our main location is at 2615 Chester Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93301 (just north of 24th street). You can reach our hospital operator by calling 661–395–3000. San Joaquin Community Hospital also operates The AIS Cancer Center, The Outpatient Surgery Center at SJCH, Adventist Health Home Care Services, the Grossman Burn Center, Quest Imaging, The Wellness Center and Bariatric Solutions.

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Compliance Reporting
SJCH and our parent organization, Adventist Health, support and encourage each employee to maintain individual responsibility for monitoring and reporting any activity by any employee or contractor that appears to violate any applicable laws, rules, regulations or this Compliance Program. The self-monitoring compliance program provides a confidential reporting system with the following options available for handling compliance program concerns:

  • Compliance Hotline: 661–888–6525
  • Compinace Officer: Sam Itani, 661–869–6180
  • Privacy Officer: Donna Haberkern, 661–869–6525
  • IT Security Official: Adrienne McReynolds, 661–869–6669
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