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Grossman Burn Center


Before 2009, Kern County residents in need of specialized burn care had to travel more than 100 miles — either north to Fresno or south to Los Angeles — for treatment. That all changed when San Joaquin Community Hospital (SJCH) partnered with Los Angeles-based Grossman Burn Centers (GBC) to bring a full-treatment burn center to Bakersfield. Now, all residents — from kindergarteners to firefighters — can have piece of mind knowing the best burn care is right here in their hometown.

The Grossman Burn Center at SJCH provides:

  • Full-treatment burn care at our four-bed inpatient center
  • Outpatient rehabilitation and treatment at The Aera Clinic  
  • State-of-the-art technology, including a hydrotherapy suite
  • World-renowned caregivers and plastic surgeons
  • Ongoing support groups and psychological care
  • Community education on burn prevention and treatment
  • Financial assistance for child burn victims through The Chevron Fund 

If you or a loved one gets burned, it's important to act fast. Cool the burn with cold water and contact Bakersfield's only full-treatment Burn Center.

Grossman Burn Center (Inpatient): 661–869–6135 (use this number after hours for all burn injuries)

The Aera Clinc Grossman Burn Center (Outpatient): 661–869–6130 



Because of SJCH: Matthew Lotts
Because of SJCH: Matthew Lotts

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