[ San Joaquin Community Hospital in Bakersfield, CA ]

Versant Residency Program

At San Joaquin Community Hospital (SJCH), we recognize that the transition from nursing school to clinical practice can be challenging. SJCH was the first hospital in Kern County to implement the Versant Residency Program, a proven program that prepares new graduate RNs for their first clinical jobs in a hospital setting.

During the program, a network of senior nurses work closely with new graduates to ensure that RN residents are well-equipped to deliver quality patient care. Mastery of critical thinking skills, coordination of care, and time management are among the numerous core competencies that must be met as part of the successful completion of the residency.

Versant RN residents are guided through the residency by a network of the hospital's experienced nurses who have been extensively trained by Versant's implementation team. These include:

  • Preceptors and subject matter experts: Provide practice-based and classroom-setting clinical training.
  • Mentors: Support new RN graduates emotionally, offer career development guidance and aid in the social integration of the new RN into the hospital's nursing community and employee hierarchy.
  • Debriefers: Facilicate relationship-building and emotional support conversations between cohort members.

Attention New Grads: SJCH will begin accepting applications for new grads beginning September 22, 2014 through October 6, 2014 at noon. Please check our website periodically for future updates. Please call 661–869–6616 for more information.